2312 W. Montgomery Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Phone: 215-763-8919
Fax: 877-412-3703

Our Story

Pennick Funeral Home is pleased to build upon the 80-year history extending three family generations.

The doors of the funeral home at 2312 W. Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania currently known as Pennick Funeral Home, began humbly in 1928 as the Hinton Funeral Home.  It was during this time that, Willie L. Hinton, a teacher, saw an opportunity to start a funeral home after spending time at the funeral home of a childhood friend.  At the time it was a very unusual occupation for a female; however, Willie pursued her dream and became a, funeral director,”mortician”. Over the years the business continued to flourish, and her daughter Jean Pennick and her son-in-law John A. Pennick attended Echols college of Embalming and became licensed, continuing the business under the name of Hinton and Pennick Funeral Home. Upon the passing of “Mom” Hinton in 1973 the business name was changed to Pennick Funeral Home. The business continues to thrive as a family owned and operated establishment and continues to help families under the management of Shelli Pennick and Jean Pennick.